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Nominee @ The Black & White Spider Awards 2017

Last year i participated in the Black & White Spider Awards 2016. And got nominated with one of my pictures.
This gave me the opportunity to participate again this year.
I always try to evolve myself and get better and better in the things I do. So this year i thought. Well Lets aim higher.. I participated in the Professionals edition. And Yes. I got a nomination again !! 

Cover photo and a 12 pages interview in "Fotografie"

Sometimes rare opportunities pass by. This time I got a phone call from a Journalist of the dutch magazine "Fotografie" He found my pictures of "Chernobyl - 31 years later" After a short talk with the editors he got permission to contact me and do an interview with me about the trip. 
We have been talking for almost 1,5 hour. A few days later the first setup of the article hit my mailbox. No formatting or what so ever. But the text was great already. A few weeks later i received a package in the mail. 4 copies of the magazine "Fotografie". I was so excited. Not only did they publish a whooping 12 pages interview with 16 of my pictures. They also selected one of my pictures as the cover photo. 
This is what they call recognition for your work.

2 Pictures Nominated @ the 10th International Color Awards 2017

This year i participated in the International Color Awards contest with 2 pictures...
And they where both nominated.
First one called "You Spin my Head Right Round" 
Nominated in the category: Abstract

You Spin my Head Right Round Nominated in Abstract

Second one called: "Stripped to the Bone..."
Nominated in the category: Architecture

Stripped to the Bone Nominated in Architecture

Opening Exhibition @ Dock Art Galley - Rotterdam

After weeks of hard work and late nights i could officially open my exhibition @ Dock Art Gallery -Rotterdam.
Thanks Robert Roozenbeek for the pictures.