The World of Forgotten Heritage and Breathtaking Decay
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De Facto Formosa

After my series “De Facto” I wouldn’t have thought I would visit an other De Facto state again. Until I started researching the country I wanted to visit next. We all know the inscription “Made in Taiwan” on a lot of our home equipment or other products we use in every day life. But what I didn’t know was that Taiwan in fact is a De Facto state too. Even the Netherlands doesn’t officially recognize it as a country. Most likely because of the international trading agreement with China. According to China, Taiwan is still one of their provinces. Since 1949, Taiwan has expelled its communist occupiers and became a self-proclaimed independent state. A De Facto independence. During my trip around this incredible island I truly fell in love with the people, the amazing nature and the beauty of it all. Join me on this epic journey around the Island of Taiwan.